Actors in love

Phil Biedron and London McKenna, Atlanta-based actors, are engaged to be married! When I first heard about their engagement, I actually approached them to do the photoshoot. I had a feeling that they'd be almost effortless to photograph - and I was right.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that they're already comfortable in front of a camera, or years of professional training / acting, or perhaps just their chemistry, but they listened to my direction without hesitation. About twenty minutes into the shoot, I realized I was missing something! So, I blasted Frank Sinatra on my portable speaker and watched this romantic comedy unfold in front of me.

Since they met in the theater, I thought it fitting to do our first portion of the shoot at Fox Theater in Atlanta! Take a look at their "fancy" outfit. Don't they look like celebrities?

Take 2

I wasn't surprised when London said they had three outfits. Outfit #2 was more casual, more representative of their everyday life and love. So, we did a little more jumping and got to play with golden hour lighting. :)

That's a wrap!

Outfit #3 however, stole the cake. Took the cake? Whatever the phrase is. Their relationship is built on laughter and joy - I could tell that from their desire to do a 90s engagement shoot. They actually said, "we want to make these look awkward as possible."

And they did. Enjoy! Thank you London & Phil for letting me document your engagement!